Andy Black

People listen to music for different reasons, and different people are attracted by different things. The lyrics, the beat, the culture, the people, the social “benefit” of listening to said song or artist.

For me… It’s a combination. What makes a good song in my book…?

Well when asked, first and foremost, I say lyrics. If the words don’t relate to me, or if I don’t get them… it is hard (but not impossible) for me to love a song.

Second: the Beat. This applies to either part of the under appreciated rhythm section. Drums and Bass are the backbones of most songs, and as a bass player myself, I just kinda swoon a bit when a drummer or a bassist do a great job.

Thirdly, and something that should probably be a bit more substantial than just third, would be what is does to me. It seems complicated when my mind goes through and tries to explain it. With the range of emotions and the range in types of music, feeling SOMETHING, should be easy, whether it be sadness, happiness, or hatred. and Well yes, this is true, but some songs just do it…

And if this has every happened to you, you just… know. It touches you. The song, the album, the artist, whatever it is. It becomes a part of you, and when you listen to it for the first time and then put it on repeat and wait for it to annoy you (if it ever does) you feel it even when it isn’t even on any more.

Yesterday… I found one of these songs. Yes, potentially it is too soon to tell if this is one of those magical songs that I can’t stop listening to no matter how over played it gets (two of which being Walk the Moon’s Shut up and Dance, and All Time Low’s Dear Maria Count Me In), but I’ll tell you right now, I cannot stop talking or thinking about this song.

Now the artist I have known about for a while, and every time I rediscover him I feel bad for not listening to him more. Andy Biersack has been through so much in his life in order to pursue what I also look to pursue in my life time. He left his home town, the one those pop punk songs tell you to run from, and he worked his ass off, and made it.

I know the story. I know about Black Veil Brides (fantastic Band). I know how aesthetically pleasing his is, but let’s pause a moment.

Andy Biersack today. Andy Black, according to his solo Spotify. Releasing a Solo Album. And Released a Solo single Sunday March 20th 2016.

“We Don’t Have to Dance”.

Now of course you don’t have to, but if you’re in the pop punk world, or even remotely like their music, I invite you to grace your ears (and eyes) but waddling over to YouTube and searching his new record.

The song was made happen not only by the immensely talented Andy, but with a team of other standing legends in the business. John Feldman, Lead Singer of Gold Finger and Producer Extraordinaire. Patrick Stump, Lead Singer of Fall Out Boy… Yeah. He helped. Zakk Cerivini and Matt Pauling, both of which are producers and have gotten behind some of the biggest names in the pop punk world making their music sound as good as they do. And none other than Ashton Irwin. Yeah, that 21-year-old kid from 5 Seconds of summer. I may hold him to the highest esteem, but I know some who definitely do not. Based on the music I’ve heard that he’s even been apart of between his own albums, this new Andy Black record or anything else, has some sort of magical combination of everything that makes a song great for me. This team (with  others) brought their talent and genius together to create a song that I can’t stop listening to.

All you hear at first are drums, and my immediate thought was Ashton, of course, being a drummer. The drum beat brings you in and that is only the first 7 seconds. When Andy starts singing by second 9, your inner middle school emo phase melts back into your brain hearing his deep voice again as if you’re clicking play on that old BVB album. Or if you never got into Black Veil, but you know the pop punk scene, you know his voice is different. He has a sort of depth that just… isn’t what you think of when you think punk.

The rest of the song has that up beat catchiness that makes it almost impossible to stand still. Walking across campus all day, I was bopping around singing it to myself. The amount of excited and ready I am for this new album is unbelievable.

And this song…

Dear Lord, help my head phones withstand the amount of times I will play it.

10/10 would recommend.

-Captain Ireland


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