Do you ever get that feeling when you pretty bored, and you want to listen to a certain kind of music, and you go through the iTunes or Spotify library in your head of all the songs you know or sounds you might own and you think “well no, not that” to everything? But you still want to listen to something so you think, “hey! lets listen to a radio or something, maybe I’ll find something new!!” but even then its like ok well pick a genre and you are like “well dude-bro, that’s half my problemo. I don’t know what I’m feeling or how I want to feel so I dont know what to listen to.” So you end up clicking random things in a frustrated attempt to quell the emptiness in your soul?

Well… yeah.

That’s me right now.

Tough description to follow? sorry, brah, but I don’t know how else to explain it.

This here is a plague that I have been faced with most moments of my life, which seems strange to me when I think about it. Music is my life, as in, I listen, I play, i want to get into it when im an adultier adult, all that jazz. Not to mention there isn’t a single genre in which I have hated every piece of it. There are genres that I really would rather not listen to most times, but honestly I can’t out right hate any genre or piece of music. It’s not fair to the artist who put his soul out there, not fair to me by cutting myself off from their inspiration, and not fair to the people who find inspiration in it.

Now this is a philosophy that I tend to live by, and at this point in my life, it isn’t even about trying, it kinda comes naturally, which ultimately sucks when I get really excited about a piece of music that I am then judged and sh*t on for it. This is a reach out for you fangirls and guys specifically. When you love a band with all your heart and some one tells you “oh why do you like one direction/5sos/alltimelow/etc? they are a stupid band”

well see here, person.

Yes. One direction is popular, and yes actually they’re pretty stupid, in a loveable and hilarious way that makes me happy, and actually this boy band that you ridicule actually have brought me the most important people in my life.  No I don’t scream when I see a picture of them anymore, but that does not in any way seize my appreciation for them.

And 5 seconds of summer! don’t even get me started. ive been a fan through and through from Gotta Get Out all the way to OuterSpace/Carry On. they’ve been with me through some tough times, and It never ceases to amaze me how watching Ashton Irwin laugh can bring up my mood.

And All Time low? no they don’t get sh*t on as much as the previous two, but yes I’ve been hit with haters of them too. These guys just do it for me. They music is fantastic, they are hilarious, and just…. they stand up for us fans. They are role models in the most idiotic and true sense.

Why do people judge other people for their music tastes…. honestly… it’s actually pretty easy not to… or just judging in general… just….

#CanWeNot ?

-Captain Ireland


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