A Rekindling


Back at it again with the blog writing. I warned in my first post that I would be pretty inconsistent, and I guess in that respect I haven’t disappointed anyone other than myself. The problem with knowing myself so well that I knew this would happen is that, I didn’t want this to happen. But when life and school and all that gets in the way… well it takes a sort of special thing to regain that motivation. And I guess your probably wondering what the motivation was for me?


This past weekend (well sort of ), I spent from Saturday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon in the one and only New York city for a not so little conference called the College Media Association Conference (or CMA). Some people might think that, oh, a conference is work, and I don’t want to work on my spring break (yes, I am on spring break), but honestly… I’m one of those types of people that can’t help but love a nice educational vacation where I got to just explore one of the most populated cities in the world and just gain advice and network with professionals in the field I want to get into some day.

The sessions were geared towards all forms of media: Television, Radio, Yearbook, and Newspaper. I myself work with mostly radio and TV but… I took advantage of the journalism sessions while they were there, and it actually got me really excited for getting involved with the University newspaper at my school.

With this and wanting to get involved with writing and reporting and “journalism” things, thought maybe I should pick up the blog again and just, go for it.


The posts fore coming will probably be about music and sessions I attended… maybe you can get some tips… or not.

-Captain Ireland


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