Reasons why I’ve never had a blog

Well. If it wasn’t obvious before, it sure is obvious now… its been… i don’t even know since the last time I’ve updated this thing ( i could check and give you an actual number, but nah) , and surprise surprise this is only my 3rd post… pathetic… wow…

Truth is, I’ve actually wanted a youtube vlogging channel for a while now and I actually do post videos every so often, same with updating this ole’ thing. i do it and I fully plan to continue… but then… i really don’t know, i forget? or i’m just like… NAAAHHH.

Reasons why I’ve never actually continued: not sure.. i mean i don’t think its procrastination, I’m one of those people that finds it incredibly nerve wracking to procrastinate, unlike most people I’ve met and been around.

Funny thing… I was one of those kids in middle and high school to finish all my homework the night it was assigned because i knew definitively that I would forget about the assignment. Sure enough I did forget about a lot of assignments but because I finished them I would have the relief of finding it in my notebook the day it was due… I cant procrastinate for my life… honestly. i won’t let myself. And don’t get me wrong, its a great habit to get in, but I’ve never really met someone who doesn’t procrastinate, you know?

Everyone I have had experience with will always do the assignment the night before or at the last minute of some sort and I sit there like… oh… i have been dubbed the nerd for completing her assignment early…

Now granted, I am a huge nerd… and I don’t mind.. but I’m not a nerd because I don’t procrastinate. I just… like my shit done.

Now there are also physical experiences that I procrastinate in a lot and I admit to that. Exhibit A. I just signed up for this wicked cool gym and I’ve been wanting to sign up for a long time… what is the issue? its a decently long bus ride away (1hr) eh. but I get really bad anxiety on buses…. I just freak out and psyche myself out and I don’t end up going… I don’t know what it is about the american bus system, i just cant do it. London bus system – hell yeah. I can do that. Did it for four months. but American bus system….

*frustrated sigh*

~Capt. Ireland


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