Rock Paper Scissors ….shoot…?

So essentially i have two more weeks here in London.

Basically, here’s the low down.

I came here on study abroad almost 4 months ago. wicked right? Second semester of university and I’m already in another country. Which in and of itself is amazing given that i had never traveled much other than LAX to Dallas/Fort Worth in Texas, United States and then i had to jump across the country to study at university in New England.


I hopped the country and then skipped across the ocean landing me in Union Jack nation, and I say that literally. I don’t know why, but I figured that the UK wouldn’t have as much Union Jack Merchandise as it does. Even not so touristy areas. Which for most people I guess that might be like, Well duh, but I come from a relatively touristy town. I mean the City of Angels has a good amount of tourists, which of course is a vast under exaggeration. TOO MANY PEOPLE ALL THE TIME.

You deal with it after 18 years. It just becomes a thing. Then you move out to a little town in New England and too many people is like… 20 people. Which of course, for me, its like OH! No one is here today!

Granted my native New England friends thinks I’m a freak for a lot of things that I grew up with that East coast doesn’t have or Doesn’t do.

EXHIBIT A: Apparently when playing Rock Paper Scissors, according to my friends on the East coast, the proper way is “Rock. Paper. Scissors. Shoot” and then pick your weapon on choice on “Shoot”. I grew up, and everyone else I had ever played with before arriving in New England played “Rock. Paper. Scissors.” whereby you then choose your weapon on “Scissors”. Now I understand that when you say scissors it might be confusing because you’ll want to pick scissors, now that’s all fine and dandy, but like… it just seemed like a natural thing to not choose scissors after saying scissors… which also opened up for the myth that I also grew up with saying that people always choose rock with the assumption that people will choose scissors after saying scissors, so then, because of that myth…. choose paper, to which people will then switch to scissors confusing you even further because the triangle will turn back around and make people want to choose rock.

But what I don’t understand is that extra thing… the shoot thing. Why New England?

Now granted, i understand it might only be my friends who play this way, but most of the people I have come in contact with do this… and i find it a bit strange… but I guess there are two kinds of people. Those who shoot, and those who don’t.

and I guess I just don’t. ^_^

~Capt. Ireland


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